I love Pinterest!

I have been pinning away, pinterest.com/dbrighid/ (a place where you can virtually pin your favorite things on a bulletin board), and realized how cool it would be to share all of our favorite sustainable things at work. So, I started a Pinterest page for Sustainable Table, pinterest.com/eatsustainable/. It’s been really fun – books, movies, other orgs, recipes and more. I was quoted in this article on FoodAndTechConnect.com about our new Pinterest page:

Eating Your Way Through Pinterest

Dawn Brighid, Project Manager for Sustainable Table, explains, “As we are just getting started with Pinterest, it’s an exciting new space for us to share ideas. It allows us to highlight/pin things that are of interest – and make them easily accessible to everyone on the site (I heard 10 million users?). While we have favorite books, movies, organizations – we have never had an easy way to let others know. Pinterest allows us a place to keep track for ourselves and others. We can also highlight pages/blogs from our sites that feature information that is of interest to others learning about sustainable food – and hope that they pin them to share with others.”

It was reposted on Forbes.com too! Read the whole article here: Pinterest for Food Brands, Startups and Organizations.


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