This blog, Healthy Bites, is where I keep posts from my work blog, Ecocentric, in addition to other food related work, thoughts, and news. I hope that it is educational and sometimes fun (and not always a downer, food should be a delicious and enjoyable part of life!).

A little about me:

Interested in nutrition and healthy eating for over 25 years, Dawn joined forces with Moopheus and crew in 2007 to promote local sustainable food. Starting as The Meatrix coordinator, she focused on creating an international DVD (in 20 languages!) before becoming a project manager for Sustainable Table, The Meatrix and the Eat Well Guide. Now she spends her days spreading the word about good food. Before working at Sustainable Table, Dawn worked as a Holistic Health Counselor, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a health counselor, she educated people to balance their lives through nutrition and lifestyle choices (and she still does!). Even then, Dawn shared with her clients that eating sustainable food is a big part of living a happy, healthy life. Prior to health counseling, Dawn worked as a project manager at various financial, communications and fashion corporations in California and New York. She is happy to combine her business background with her love of healthy food to help people adopt a more sustainable outlook for themselves and their community. Dawn grew up in California and spent summers in Oregon eating vegetables out of her Grandparent’s garden. Those fresh vegetables created picky taste buds that love organic and local foods. Cooking for family and friends is a passion, especially after a trip to the Park Slope Food Coop.