Workshops, Radio, TV Shows, Interviews and more!

Workshops/Speaking Engagements

1. Health Equity Initiatives, New York City – January 2012

2. Learning Lab Summer Teacher’s Workshops, New York City – August, 2009

3. Women’s History Month Workshop Series, Kingsborough Community College, NYC – March 10, 2009

4. NYU Retrospective of the American Public Health Association (APHA) Film Festival – October, 2007


1. The Dinner Party Download: Episode 43: Holly Golightly, Peace, and Sustainable Dinner Parties- February 26, 2010

2. The Food Sleuth Radio with Melinda Hemmelgarn – August 20, 2009

3. Real Health with Dr. Steve – July 30, 2008

TV Show

1. Jayni’s Kitchen, Lawrence, Kansas – August, 2008

Media quotes about healthy (or unhealthy) food:

1. Forbes, February 15th, 2012 “Pinterest for Food Brands, Startups and Organizations

“Dawn Brighid, Project Manager for Sustainable Table, explains, ‘As we are just getting started with Pinterest, it’s an exciting new space for us to share ideas. It allows us to highlight/pin things that are of interest – and make them easily accessible to everyone on the site (I heard 10 million users?). While we have favorite books, movies, organizations – we have never had an easy way to let others know. Pinterest allows us a place to keep track for ourselves and others. We can also highlight pages/blogs from our sites that feature information that is of interest to others learning about sustainable food – and hope that they pin them to share with others.'”

2. The Telegraph, December 14th, 2009 “Eat Local, Think Global

“‘We do not focus on carbon footprints but it is a wonderful side effect of sustainable agriculture,’ says Dawn Brighid, marketing manager of Sustainable Table, the non-profit organisation that publishes the Eat Well Guide.”

3. Chicago Tribune, July 10th, 2009 “Organic vs. natural a source of confusion in food labeling

“The move feels sneaky,” said Dawn Brighid, spokeswoman for Sustainable Table, a non-profit online resource. “The average mom won’t know about the change, and most people are still unclear about the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic.’ With milk prices as high as they are, people will be happy to see a lower price point, but I’m afraid they won’t understand what they are getting.”

4. USA Today, May 12th, 2009 “Frito-Lay pitches its Lay’s potato chips as locally made

“Some say Frito-Lay is trying to fool folks. ‘They’re trying to confuse consumers with something consumers already are confused about,’ says Dawn Brighid, marketing manager at Sustainable Table, a group in support of “green” eating. ‘Most of their products are obviously grown on industrial farms.'”

4. The Sun News, April 29th, 2009 “Healthy eaters think globally, dine locally

“It takes everything into consideration,” said Dawn Brighid, market manager of Sustainable Table, a New York-based nonprofit founded in 2003. “It is concerned with how food is raised, the land, the general environment, the farmers and their workers, minimal use of pesticides, and any other practices that will last and feed everyone in the community.”